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  • ShadowSense touch technology offers improved touch accuracy and annotation over infrared touch

  • Able to differentiate between a finger, palm, stylus, eraser, or any other object

  • 10 simultaneous touch points, plus 5 additional touch points per additional horizontal expansion kit

  • Modular structure allows the frame to be expanded from a basic 2x1 configuration by simply adding horizontal or vertical expansion kits

  • Engineered with a high level of redundancy. Frame remains functional even with blocked or defective infrared LED's

  • High immunity to ambient light - recommended over infrared touch in bright environments

  • Includes the ShadowSense dashboard software for fine tuning of the touch experience, custom configuration, diagnostics and remote monitoring

  • Combine with the Glass Retention Bezel System for mounting protective cover glass in front of your video wall displays

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