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Displaylite is pleased to announce that the Displaylite 180 interactive touch table has passed the relevant mechanical safety requirements of BS EN 15372: 2016, test level 2, requirements for non-domestic tables.
“We believe the Displaylite 180 may be the first interactive touch table in the UK to have been assessed, tested and passed these European furniture standards for tables” said Steve Legg, Director at Displaylite.
The test methods and performance requirements vary depending on the expected use and include the effects of static load, impact, dropping and checking that the table is unlikely to tip over during normal use. Performed by an independent test house, tests are designed to simulate normal use and an acceptable amount of misuse. For example, the vertical static load test simulates people sitting or standing on the table.

To obtain a copy of the full Press Release, please email: info@displaylite.co.uk