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Custom Design

Touchscreen integration

Product assembly

Customisation & prototyping

3D CAD & 3D printing service

We design, integrate and manufacture custom touchscreen, enclosures, brackets and display solutions at our integration facility based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK. Touchscreen fitting, integration and assembly is carried out in our filtered air, positively pressurised cleanroom & assembly areas with anti static ESD flooring.

To enhance product development and design, Displaylite uses Solidworks Professional 3D CAD & Solidworks Visualise software which enables us to model, visualise and share our design with you before we have even manufactured it!

The Company has recently invested in a 3D printer which enables us to offer an in-house 3D design, rapid prototyping service and the ability to print custom parts in plastic materials. 3D printing also provides the flexibility to create parts which would otherwise be impossible to make with more traditional manufacturing techniques.


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